Sunday, 13 January 2013

OPI I Love You

I got this set for Christmas. 2 polishes and the blingest Biro I've ever seen!! How Cute is it :)


So I used 2 coats of OPI LUCERNE TAINLY LOOK MARVELOUS it goes on well and I really like the glitter/ shimmery affect that it gives off, it reminds me of something I've tried before but can't think what at the moment!!
I decided once these were dry to try OPI PIROUETTE MY WHISTLE on my accent fingers, this is a glitter polish, the glitter is set in a clear formula, you do need to use the placing the glitter technique, rather than painting your nails because the glitter tends to clump, and I ended up with a big clear lump on one of my fingers, which I then picked off! (which is evident in one of the pics)

oops, I Picked as lump off this one!!

I put Seche Vite Top Coat over all my fingers to give them a lovely glossy shiney finish :)

I've been wearing these for a week now (miracle in itself! but its been a busy week for me) and tip wear didn't appear until Day 4, just thought I'd tell you since I usually can't comment on the tip wear and longevity of polishes.

Have you tried these? Its my first try of OPI at home, I usually only get to trial OPI when I visit the nail salon, so its a nice present to have received and it feeds my nail polish addiction, which now includes some designer brands.

I'll be sharing the rest of my Christmas polishes soon :)

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