Friday, 18 January 2013

Think before you eat / Decide to say No

Ever hit a slump/ moment of madness/weakness  and feel like throwing in the towel and picking up something greasy/ creamy?
I do, I must admit and I’m hoping I’m not alone with this feeling!

I start my week with great intentions and I feel really motivated. I go to bed Monday evening feeling almost smug that I didn’t have any slips and managed to do an hour of exercise J
This keeps me going on Tuesday and the most of Wednesday, but then the voices in my head pipe up “your being soooo good, wouldn’t a biscuit be lovely”

And I have to fight and argue with myself and talk myself down. I kid you not, this happens on a daily/ hourly basis. But the seed has been planted (my myself, doh)  and I have to stay strong and motivated and I’m happy to report that at work, the biscuits and sweets disappear just as fast without my help, which is some comfort as I used to think I was the one eating them all!
But it does take all my willpower to stay out of the kitchen. If the urge is very strong I have a sniff of the chocolate! Yip I have resorted to this! And it helps, and then  I walk away.

But I’m thinking about food ALL the time. Its not in a “I can’t have that” kind of way, because I hate the “I can’t have that” way of thinking.
If I was thinking like that I wouldn’t last a whole day with my healthy eating. For me its about making better choices in my daily life. Yes I could eat that if I wanted too, but I’m choosing not too as its not worth breaking my good regime for “X” (insert whatever you like here cake, bar, crisps, biscuits, cheese, toast) I also think of how disappointed and mad  I’ll be in myself if I do give in for something stupid in a moment of weakness! And its not worth it.

My thinking of night time eating is “Where does the food go?” if I decide that I’m starving at 9pm and decided to make a toastie/fry up/ order a pizza; I’m eating it and going to bed, where does the food go? It hasn’t time to be digested or to be burnt off? Does that mean that its sitting (heavy) in my belly as I try to sleep and then melts onto my hips, thighs and ass over night? It must do, because it has no where else to go?

Last night I was checking the fridge as to what biscuits I could offer my guest with his tea (I don’t check these things anymore as I’d rather not know) and without realizing it I’d taken a bite out of a custard cream. It was in my mouth when I realized.. I spat it into the bin.. I did not swallow!! But it shows that I have to be aware at all times. I’m my own worst enemy and at times feel like I’m self sabotaging myself with my thoughts and actions. I’m proud that I spat it out, when  I could have so easily chewed and ate and then grabbed another few to have with my guest.

So I guess this is more of the be aware of what your doing and why your doing it.

I’ve had a long,  tough week so far (3 spinning classes in row!) and my body is physically tried and my mind is exhausted  from all the over thinking about food and exercise and add work and family and the usual stuff to the week, then I’m emotionally wrecked!! Poor me, my body aches, I can’t lift my arms and I’ve to drag my feet to walk more than 10 steps!! My brains in shut down after work! I can’t even concentrate on a 30 minute sitcom on the tv.

My first urge is to EAT, comfort food, I’m an emotional eater, I eat when I’m happy, sad, angry, tired, cold, gassy, bored, you name it, I’ve done it, any excuse!! So this is a big trigger for me. And the temptation is right there. Sitting in the room while everyone else eats with their tea bothers me some nights more than others! But last night I didn’t give in. I CHOOSE NOT TO GIVE IN.

And if we can all make these little changes in our everyday life, they’ll become better habits and you won’t even realize your “being good” it’ll be the norm

·         Decide between yogurt and fruit for breakfast and feel good about your choice, or decide on sausage rolls at work cause they're "there".
·         Decide if you're going to take the stairs instead of the lift.
·         Decide if your going to take the 5 minutes to make your lunch or eat out
·         Decide to make time in your day for a 20 minute walk or a trip to the gym
·         Decide not to put on your pjs as soon as your in the door from work
·         Decide to schedule time for yourself where you do something because you enjoy it, not because you have too.

Decide because you can. Its your life and your body and you are 100% responsible for what you fuel your body with. Your answerable to nobody but yourself for this.
So decide to make a change for the better, decide to allow yourself to make the right choices and decide that you want to be fit an healthy and live and long and happy life.

I’ve decided that I’m not happy in my own skin and this is my time to make the changes, so that in a few weeks/months/ years I won’t have to think about whether I’m happy. I just will be. Because I decided to make the changes and put it in motion.

So what are you waiting for? Decide today to make a change, even just a little one today. And do it… no excuses.

Apologies for the rambling and going off on tangents. I had to get this out of my head!

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  1. This was a great post, I'm right there with you, down to smelling the chocolate! I'm grand once I know there are no snacks in the house but if my husband brings home anything nice at all I'm tormented until I hide it. I wish I wasn't that way, but I am. For me I keep a mental image of me in my head, me in a gorgeous pair of skinny jeans, heels and a tight top without looking like a heifer and I WANT to make that a reality. The biscuits or tart aren't going to help me, but the veggies & fruit & water will! It's awful hard sometimes xx