Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday Words of Wisdom‏

My boyfriend said to me today “I don’t know how you do it” He was referring to me going sugar free and not eating after my dinner.
To which I replied “I just do” yes the withdrawals were awful and I had hunger pangs going to bed, but of course my body was going to react to the change in my habits.
Out with the old and in with the new. I didn't give into the hunger pangs and they disappeared after a few nights.

They say that the first few weeks are tough and the rest is habit and I am finding this to be very true. I’m nearing the end of week two back too it and I feel like things are starting to level off for me.
I don’t have the headaches or the constant tiredness. I’m keeping busy in the evenings rather than putting myself in a situation where I’ll give in and say yes to a biscuit with my tea.

I’m using my own tips and tricks if I am feeling weak and think that I might give in.(I shall share in the future)
I’m definitely feeling the benefit, eating less and moving more, this should see the scales moving in the right direction from now on for me.

My sides ache and breathing hurts and my legs feel like a dead weight from all the exercise, but walking eases and stretches these muscles and I've decided that it’s the “good” sort of aches and pains that I have, it shows I’m working hard and I will see the benefits of this kind of torture in the coming weeks (either that or I’m admitting myself to the Looney bin)

I’m drinking almost 3 Litres of water a day and my skin is reaping the benefits, its almost glowing and is spot free

I’m getting to bed a little earlier because I’m so knackered and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light J it used to take me up to an hour to fall asleep and I could wake 3 or 4 times in the night, so I would be going to work like a cranky zombie! Now I’m waking when my alarm goes off and I’m ready to face the day ahead.

My moods – I’m more positive. My days are work are far more productive, I’m in better form, more chatty, less grumpy and I’m trying to find the positive in everything that I possibly can, and I think that being in a good mood puts others in a good mood J Walking at lunch time definitely helps to improve my mood too, because when I sit down to my lunch I feel like I've accomplished something and its only lunch time. (**go me**)

Energy levels - I said that I’m tried from the exercise, which I am, but I still go and do more each evening and during the day my energy levels are soaring, the thoughts of going to spinning tonight (my third in a row) is a killer BUT I know that my body is up for the challenge and I’ll push through the tired/ heavy legs and the adrenaline will kick in and I’ll be thrilled that I made the effort and didn't slack off.

I know its still January and everyone and their mothers are on a health kick, hitting the gym and the roads and that’s fantastic, it really is.

I just hope that ye’ll stick with it once you start seeing the benefits and not hit the scales, see your down 7 lbs and treat yourself to a cake and give up. Or stop because everyone gives up on their new years resolutions after 3 weeks, don’t they?

No, they don’t. (and who’s everyone??)

See this as a learning opportunity, your learning a new way of life, learning new recipes and new ways to spend an hour of your day (the soaps can wait, trust me) learning not to eat after a certain time.

Yes its hard, but anything worth doing is. Stop thinking of it as too hard of a challenge and think of it as a new lifestyle. Trust me it will become habit and you’ll start to say” no thank you” to the offer of a biscuit because you’d rather the fruit and save the treat for when you really feel like you deserve and want it. Not just because its there.

Think before you eat, these are my Wednesday Words of Wisdom to you.

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