Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spotty Nails

Hey Guys,

I think I’m back in action with regards to posting photos, phew J Turns out I was using an old browser.

So my apologies for the delay and lack of posts!!

Last week I decided to get my act together with regards to painting my nails, I’ve gotten slack. I think January is just a bit MEH.
So I gave myself a talking too and have a root through the pile, (yip a pile) of nail varnishes that I acquired over Christmas and I couldn’t decided between these two colours.
So I decided I’d use both, I painted my nails, got out my lovely dotter (I missed it) and I sat down for a few hours and played J

My 2 colour’ s are “Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure” Casting Call = Coral Colour & Model Behavior = Blue
I nabbed these in Dealz in Cork for the bargain price of €1.49. This was before Christmas, I've checked once since but no luck with more!!

Here are the results. I’m going mad that I didn't take a photo of the colour’s before the dots were added, but to be honest the colour’s needed something over them, they weren't as nice without the dots/ spots
J I've rekindled my love affair with my dotter after these, so be prepared to see dots in all colour’s and sizes coming at you in the coming weeks J you have been warned.

I was bold and didn’t put a base coat underneath the 2 coats of polish!! I did however put my trusty Seche Vite over them to make them lovely and shiney and glossy

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