Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 2 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hey Guys,
I’m happy to report that the scales moved and in the right direction too for me . I was down 4lbs.

I must admit it was a tough week for me, as I booked myself in for three consecutive spinning classes! Good idea at the time ya see! AND I went to all three…
But I think it was what I needed to wake my body up and to get me moving!!
So last week, apart from the 3 spinning classes (2 of which included 20 minutes of toning) I managed 3 walks, which is good considering the crazy weather we’re having! (we’d snow this morning, rain at lunch time, and now the sun is beaming in, even tho its freeeezing cold)

My food was good although towards the end of the week I was feeling weak!! See last weeks post here about that.
I found my mushroom soup that I made for last week to be a little watery, edible, but I've had nicer.
So this week I've made a thicker more wintery soup for myself (Tomato, carrots, potato & garlic) Its not bad if I do say so myself, ha-ha

This week I’m going to carry on as I have been doing and just be careful with my portion sizes at dinner. I hadn't realised that my chicken fillets should be 200g! I assumed all chicken fillets were the same! Silly me, I know! But I’m learning as I go, so things like that could be the difference to the scales. I don’t want to be over eating without realising it!

I’m working on a picture diary of my daily food, I’ll have it up during the week, if anyone’s interested to see what I eat in the day. Its more or less repeated through out the week then.

My tip for the week is track, track track
I must say that tracking everything that goes into my mouth is a big help! I’ll be less likely to have “a tayto” when offered if I’ve to write it in my food diary. It just makes you aware of what your putting into your body everyday. Sometimes without even realising it. But by having to write it down, it makes saying “no thank you” and whole lot easierJ

I know that weight watchers are big for the trackers, I’m not a member of ww. But with every weight loss club/group/ cult I've joined logging everything that goes into your mouth is a key element. The other would be water. I keep my little food book diary in my desk drawer during the week and in my handbag at the weekends.

I also use an app on my phone called “My Fitness Pal” Although I’m not a calorie counter, I really like this app, I like that you can log your activity point too and when you hit log at the end, it tells you what you’d weigh in 5 weeks if you continued to eat what you ate on that particular day. It keeps me on the right track.
I hope that you've planned for the week ahead and that your off to a good start. Have a good oneJ

4lbs  lost, 56lbs to go.... 

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