Sunday, 21 April 2013


Anyone that follows me on twitter will have seen these nails last Thursday night when I posted a photo.
But I decided to take a few more photos and make a post of it :)

I had bought 3 of the Models Own Neon Polish's in Boots (3 for 2) and I couldn't decide which one to try first! First world problems I know, but hey, I'm a first world girl ;)  I was watching Xpose that evening on Tv3 and they were showing off the new Sally Hansen collection (its really cute) and the manicurist done a side manicure of sorts and so I decided that I would try similar to showcase all of my new colours at the same time, genius of me eh....

So here you go.. I'll let the photo's do the talking, just look at the pretty colours.


                         RIGHT HAND 

As you can see the thumb on my right hand went horribly wrong and so I attempted to cover it up in the photos! I just couldn't get the diagonal correct and it just got messy!

With regards the rest, the lines could have been sharper, but that's my critical opinion. I liked this tho, the colours were lovely and bright and very eye catching.

Base Coat NYC 202 Grand Central Station
Nails Inc -Elizabeth Street
Blue - Catrice - 400 Blue Cara Ciao
Pink - Models Own - Bubblegum
Purple - Models Own - Purple Pukka
Orange - Models Own - Punch Pink
Yellow - Catrice - 700 Birdy Reloaded
Top Coat NYC 202 Grand Central Station


  1. They look great Vicki, I love the colours you used, they almost match your blog background! xx

  2. Love the contrast of the netural colour and the neons!