Monday, 1 April 2013

Week 12 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hey Guys,

Hope your relaxing on this bank holiday Monday :)
I got weighed on Friday this week, so a day early because of the bank holiday weekend.

I was up 1.5 on the scales and up 1 in muscle!! its my first time being up on the scales since I started back in January and I'm a little bit gutted to be honest :(
These things happen I guess and I can blame getting weighed a day early and at 4pm rather than 11am!
But I was up, I had a good week I had thought.
I'd had 3 x 20 minute lunch time walks and 2 x Spin & Ab classes, so I was feeling good about stepping on the scales.
I was being extra good because I was fearful of the long weekend (see my post from Friday here)

So I stepped on the scales hoping that I'd be reporting back a good result!
My food diary was checked and they flagged some of my dinner choices as being the reason for not being down my target of 3 (or not being down at all) I had eaten a pork chop, noodles with my chicken stir-fry and I'd had mince in stew! I would not have seen any of these as being super bad! especially as these were my dinner choices. I have to eat.

I was very upset about this on Friday afternoon, but I guess it was bound to happen at some stage and it means that I'll have to up my game and try to be even more careful next week!!

Today's the first of April. And I am so far failing in my efforts to be down 8lbs per month!!

As of today I'm down 11.5lbs, I should be down 24lbs!! Not good, I'm way off target.

But I don't have time to feel sorry for myself, bottom line is I have to try harder, not anybody else. ME ME ME.
So I've rang the gym and signed in for a 7pm spin tonight to kick start my week.

11.5lbs  lost, 49.5lbs to go.... 


  1. I am a bit obsessive over the scales and I weigh everyday, I notice I put on a pound or two before I have a big loss, so possibly you may drop extra pounds in the next couple of days like me. Anyways muscle does way a lot more than fat so the fact you gained a pound in muscle rather then blubber isn't anything to be down about at all x

    1. Thank you for the kind words :) I really thoguht id be down for this weigh in!! So I was gutted the scales wasnt reflecting! But I can defo see a change in my body.. so its not all bad news, I'm just bitter sweet about it