Monday, 29 April 2013


Happy Monday,

I bring good news.. I was down 3lbs this week... wooo hooo
I had a good week, so I was hoping for good news J
I think that 3 spinning classes in the week is really helping me at the moment, I also managed to squeeze in 4 walks. So my exercise was good and I had 6 great days with food too.

I do find that come Thursday and Friday, I’m almost tempted to give in and have some sugar or “something nice” but this is something that I’m becoming more aware of and I think its my own brain trying to make me fail. So I’ve been staying strong when these thoughts hit me! It’s a constant battle with myself. I know it sounds silly and its mad for me to try and explain how this works for me. But any kind of emotion = food for me. Happy = food, sad = food, tired = food, cranky = food, tired from exercise = food, bored = food. Or any reason at all. If my friend says she’s sad, I’m thinking “what kinda cake/choc could I buy to cheer her up” madness I know, but I’ve operated like this for years.. so the re-wiring process in my brain is gonna take a while to catch on as the new automatic response.. So I have to be extra vigilant with myself. Yip I’m self policing my thoughts aswell as my actions.
Its not even that I’m thinking that I’ll have whatever it may be as a treat because I’ve been so good the last few days. Its just purely because A.) its there B.) I want it, just cuz C.) Sure why not
These aren’t even real excuses, but at the time my urges take over and I want to give in, and I can tell you know, its never worth it. I’ve caved many times and its never worth it.

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My other good news for this post is I've finally beaten my own personal mental block.  That's right, I am now the lightest  I have ever been in my adult life.. its taken me a while but I've beaten my own demons and now the only way is down form here. I was thrilled to receive this piece of news on Saturday morning as I’ve been so so close to this moment since mid March and I kept bouncing back and fourth from it. But I’ve done it now, I’ve finally broken through my mental block wall J
I’m sure I’ll face many more challenges and blocks and plateau’s as I continue on my weight loss challenge, but this is my first BIG BREAKTHROUGH and I feel like I want to shout it from the rooftops.. I didn’t give up on myself, yes it took me a while to get my head around it and get on the right track. BUT I DID IT, Nobody else but me.

Its almost a relief to prove to myself that I could do this. So this is the 4th time in 12 months that I’ve lost the same stone. But this week my total weight loss tally for this year is 15lbs, which means I’ve lost 1 stone and 1 lbs and that little 1lb means that I’m now into my second stone… so there’s no going back. The only way is forward.

I know I’m gushing, but this feels like it’s a very big deal for me J so as my treat I bought myself some new gym clothes in the Nike Outlet shop. 2 pants (1 x long & 1 x short) and a pink vest to break my black cycle for the summer.

15lbs lost, 45lbs to go....