Monday, 22 April 2013

Week 15 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hello hello,
Its that time of the week again  and I've good news to report thankfully :) I was down 2lbs on the scales, down 4lbs in Fat and up 2lbs in muscle... So I'm happy with that result.

I  think the effects of Rip60 last week showed on this weeks scale reading. But I did work extra hard all week ,I made sure that my portions sizes were correct. I stuck to my food plan 98%
And that’s only because I went to give blood and you have to have sugars before you can leave so I had a cup of club orange and a bag of Taytos on Tuesday evening!

During the week I went to Spinning, Spin & Abs and I faced another Rip60 class. I also managed 2 x lunch time walks, so combine moving my ass everyday with eating 98% good and you get a good result on the scales.

The scales did dither between two numbers when I stepped on and it stuck on the higher one, so I’ve taking that to mean that I’m already 1lb down before this week has even started J which can only be a good thing really J

This week I have booked in for 3 x Spinning classes and I’m thinking about trying a Kettle bell class also (little afraid for my back with regards kettle bells, but I won’t know until I try)
I’m back on track and fighting my urges and I’m not feeling deprived, the weather is also starting to improve and with that comes the prospect of brighter and tighter clothes for the summer.

So that thought is spurring me along and keeping me away from the biscuit tin. Work had my favourite biscuits in the kitchen last week and I did not eat one! I may have had a sniff or two, but I did not eat one and they still disappeared just a quickly from the kitchen without my help. And I was happy once they were gone. Cuz the temptation had left the building and I had not given in J

For me it’s the little things that I applaud myself for. I’m delighted that I didn’t break for a biscuit last week! Had that been the week previous, I would have had 3!! I feel like I’m back on the right track and getting a good result on the scales proves that I can do this. I just need to keep putting one good day in front of another and the days will turn to weeks and the pounds will hopefully melt away.

I hope your weight loss journey is going well..