Monday, 15 April 2013

Week 14 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hey Guys,
I'm back with another weekly update. My week didn't quite go as I had hoped/planned....

First off, my food could have been better last week, I always say I could be better, I know; but I found that last week I was picking in a way I thought I’d put behind me!
I guess it shows if you take your eye off the ball even a little, you start to slip! Least I do anyways!  

I better explain myself a little better, so that you can see what my “excuse” was for picking once again!! Doncha know I’ve always got an excuse!

I was running late on Tuesday evening for my Zumba class, so I rang to see if I could get a space in another class later on that evening. They switched me to a class called Rip60. I’d heard of it, but that was about it, I thought it’ll be good to try something new, like I’d said last week! So I turned up thinking it couldn't be any worse than my first few Spinning classes!! I was wrong, so wrong!

Here’s the description of Rip:60 Suspension Training:
RIP60 is the next step forward in Suspension Training. It is the ultimate full body and core workout. Using your own body weight there... are dozens of different exercises, that will literally work your entire body. The major advantage of RIP60 is the added rotational movements it allows, which enhance your power and power is the key to RIP60.

It was a good class, but sooooo tough, I can’t even do a full body push up! And I thought I was fit from Spinning , this class was a total shock to my body! I tried to keep up with the class and was very enthusiastic at the beginning with my squats and lunges leaning back and using my own body weight to pull me back up. We worked our body in three sections, legs, arms and then chest & back.
While we were doing some of the exercises that involves the ropes rotating as you pull them, I felt dizzy and like I was going to vomit, I’m told that this proved I was working hard!! It was a good 50 minute work out and the time did fly by, kinda! By the time I was leaving my whole body was vibrating and my legs felt like jelly! I was thrilled that I’d survived the hour to be honest, but knew I’d be feeling the affects soon.

The following morning however, I couldn’t move. I’m not being dramatic  (well not really) Everything hurt and ached and I was walking like a 90 year old in need of a zimmer frame. I had to think about every move before I made it. My work colleagues were highly amused by me! I was like this for 3 DAYS, nothing helped or eased the pain! I had to cancel 2 spinning classes because I couldn't physically do it! I tried to go for a walk to ease the muscles but found that I couldn't walk fast or far! My thighs & knees felt like they wouldn't support my body, I had a constant toppling over feeling when I had to walk more than 20 steps at a time!!! I really could done with a walking stick.. Yip I was a total pity and to think that exercise did this to me!! My family and friends got a great kick out of me, so at least I had the comedic factor on my side!!

By day 3 I could walk almost normally but I was achey. By day 4 I was more or less back to normal, but Day 4 was my weigh day.. So I only managed to get 1 class into the whole week due to being in crazy achey pain from one class!! My body took soooo long to recover, it was embarrassing!

So I hit the scales on Saturday morning and I was up 2lbs on the scales and up 3lbs in muscle.

So the class, did work! I however whilst in pain Weds – Fri felt like it was ok to have one biscuit and a mini kitkat.(Poor me like)  I ended up having “something small” every day last week.
As you know all those “something smalls” add up and 5 something smalls is HUGE and makes a difference on the scales!!

But you know what, it was the kick up the arse I’ve needed. I need to stop falling back into my old habits, and continue trying to be the best I can be and at the moment that will be one day at a time.
I feel more positive this week. I’m also determined to go back and do another Rip60 class this week, last week it kicked my ass (and the rest) so this week I’m going to go and try it again, it can only get easier at this stage, no way will it take me 4 days to recover again (I hope) But just incase, I’ve booked 2 x spinning class before I revisit Rip60, apart from the pain aspect afterwards, it was a really good and challenging class, and I would recommend it already.

My Targets for next week to see a better result:

·         3 x Classes + lunch time walks (weather permitting)
·         No Picking
·         No feeling sorry for myself
·         Be down 3lbs at next weigh in

I hope your planning ahead to have a good week too xx


  1. Keep up the great work :) some exercises are designed to make you sore so don't feel embarressed at all, your flying :)

    1. Thanks Có, I'm defo gonna do it again on Weds.. It was my funny walk that was the morto part rather than the class... lol...

  2. at least it's 3 pounds of muscle! muscle weighs more than fat!

    Good luck for next week X