Monday, 8 April 2013

Week 13 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hey Guys,
I was very tempted to skip the scales this week. But after all the positive feed back I received from my last post I decided that I needed to bite the bullet and step on the scales and basically cope myself on!!

To my shock, surprise and delight I was down 3lbs on the scales, I had mentally prepared myself to be told I was up and I needed to pull my head in, wire my jaw shut and get on with things!!
My adviser was thrilled for me, especially after Easter weekend, I'd eaten 1.5 Easter eggs after all and I'd had red meat for dinner 4 days in the week. (which is a big no, no)
After she looked through my food diary she agreed that I should have been up this week too!
She reckoned that the last couple of weeks of low scoring weigh in's are starting to show and catch up and stand to me, and that kinda makes sense :)
I would say that in the last week I was 80% good with my food, I found myself picking and eating extras alrite, so I need to pull that back!!

I think the thing that helped with my results was the extra exercise, since I've been in a bad mood and not in the form to be around people I have been hitting the gym (it also helps that I have a 30 day class pass, so its free) Last week I went to total Spinning bank holiday Monday night and I went to Spin & Abs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I also went for 4 x lunch time walks and on Friday night went for a 2.5 mile walk... So I would say that I was 100% good with moving my ass. 3 spins and 5 walks in 5 days.. I think that's a personal best for me :)

I'm going to try and get back to writing more positive posts which will in turn send out positive messages and vibes to others, because having a positive mental "can do" attitude is key to me succeeding on this journey and i do want to succeed  I've been self sabotaging and that has upset me also.. so I know I need to stop feeling sorry for myself, yes its a tough thing to stick with but its definitely worth while and its what I want.
Nobody is making me do any of this. Nobody has a gun to my head. This is all for me and about me.

I saw on twitter over the weekend that the skinny doll is BACK with her next challenge sign up today, Its a 9 week challenge that will take us through to the June bank holiday weekend.

I've decided that I need to start setting myself some targets instead of just talking about doing it.

  • I plan to be down 2lbs next week
  • I will also try new classes this week (zumba and rip60)
I hope you had a good week and weigh in xxx

10.5lbs  lost, 49.5lbs to go.... 


  1. Well done :) all the spinning is paying off :)

  2. Well done, it's great that your hard work is finally showing on the scales, it's always lovely when you expect a gain but get a loss, i think it's more pleasing then when your are expecting a loss and get it.

  3. well done for the hard work! You actually inspire me to get exercising and eating more healthily myself!:) lovely blog hun, now following you!

    check out mine, if you like?:)

  4. The eating thing is a big part of it like you were saying. When you work out that hard and stay on top of it; the work outs will cause you to burn the cals and fat you need plus the extras you ate. You did a wonderful job and had a wonderful weigh in!!! Excellent Work!!!!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments ladies, its lovely to read yer comments :) xxx means a lot