Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I've been meaning to try this colour for a while, its so bright and lovely in the bottle. I think it'll be a lovely summer colour.

On application, the brush is good but the polish itself I found to be a little gloopy, so ensure that you wipe the excess off the brush before you paint your nails with it! I learned this through trial and error. Some of my nails looked like they had more than 2 coats of this on the nail!

40 minutes I sat and waited for this to dry, after 30 minutes it still wasn't dry so I decided to add a top coat, even tho this doesn't particularly need one. But I had things to do and so this was a quick fix.
So I applied NYC 202 Grand Central Station as a top coat.

Something told me that these were going to smudge on me! you know when you just get that feeling???
So I took the photo's before I put on my shoes and socks to go out, and thank god I did!  See the lovely photos above :) awww

Because when I checked on my nails again they were smudged, check out these pics :(

I was in a hurry at this stage and decided that I would do a patch job when I got home! 
HOWEVER, when I sat into my car and looked at my nails again, they were in an awful state! 
I was so mad I took some pics as proof! grrrr

Needless to saw I was not a happy camper after this happened! I was annoyed with the dry time, the thick application and then it went and smudged in less than an hour!! 
I came home and removed it all, I just didn't have it in me to go through this whole ordeal again!! 

I may try it again in time when I have 4 hours spare to sit and wait for it to dry! I'm not sure if I was just unlucky with this colour or not!! 

Have you tried any of these Barry M polish's? I'd luv to hear how you got on? 


  1. I HATE when that happens, and you're dead right, you can tell straight away when something's not going to dry properly. Shame, because it's a lovely colour!

    1. I was pretty gutted, cuz its lovely and shiney and I was kinda "saving it" for sunny weather.. and now I look at it and thing disappointing!!
      For the price of it especially! BOO :(

  2. I was about to say. But the colour is fresh. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  3. That's a real shame, same thing happened to me last week with the models own neon polishes- my head was wrecked from it! So disappointing too cause that grapefruit is a beautiful shade.